Day 0
Travel Day!
Bangkok, Day 1
Touring the city, Bangkok Cultural Museum, Lumphini Park
Bangkok, Day 2
The Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, and wandering the city
Bangkok, Day 3
The Jim Thompson House and Cat Cafes
Chiang Mai, Day 1
Elephant Nature Park. A large sanctuary for elephants about an hour from Chiang Mai. The sanctuary also has dogs, cats, water buffaloes, monkeys, and other animals from all around Thailand and all of Southeast Asia.
Chiang Mai, Day 2
Second day at Elephant Nature Park. Due to the holiday we ended up being among only about a dozen visitors that day and ended up on a pseudo-private tour where we were allowed to ride the food trucks, feed the elephants, wander the grounds and hang out with the staff and elephants without large tour groups.
Chiang Mai, Day 3
Touring the city on foot
Chiang Mai, Day 4
Tour the Day Market, saw an epic sunset, and began the long journey home

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